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Welcome to Dar es Salaam Marine reserves system and watch Coconut Crabs


TitusThis is another opportunity to our country to have the chance of not only to flag Tanzania for her tourism value but also making you know our efforts in the conservation stewardship for coastal and marine endowment. Tanzania is renowned for its terrestrial wild life, in the well-managed National Parks, game and forest reserves. Names like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro and Selous are household names...

Historically, Tanzania’s coastal strip has been a centre of wealth creation, through trade, extraction of natural resources and most recently from tourism and mariculture. Through the centuries, this wealth has attracted people to Tanzania’s coastal areas, both from within the country and beyond its borders, creating a rich and varied heritage. Alongside this human realm, Tanzania’s marine and coastal areas are also rich in biological diversity, harbouring a wealth of species of fishes, Marine invertebrates, marine mammals, reptiles, birds and plant life. As such they have increasingly come to the attention of those concerned with the conservation of our country’s natural heritage, in terms of its world life biodiversity and scenic splendour.

It is from this heritage that we would like to share with you our experience through this website where you could communicate with us by both contributing and advising us on best practices to ensure sustainable utilization and protection of our marine heritage. It is my sincere hope that you will all enjoy surfing this web site.

Hon. Dr. Titus Mlengeya Kamani (MP)

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Development
United Republic of Tanzania.

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HEAD OFFICE: MARINE PARKS AND RESERVES UNIT UPANGA AREA, OLYMPIO STREET PLOT NO 950, P.O.Box 7565 DAR ES SALAAM, Email: marineparks@marineparks.go.tz Tel:+255 22 2150621, Fax:+255 22 2150621